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Que Butter

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"Black power all the time,



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Who would have ever guessed that the super for NYC’s underground would start rapping but that’s just what happed with Quinton “QueButter” Spikener. Founder and CEO of XyayX Multimedia Productions and XyayX Music Group, QueButter’s passion for music is one to be recokoned with. Motivated by strong dedication to uplifting his community Qubebutter music is NWA, meets Jezzy sprinkeld with a dash of MOP and RedMan.

With the youtube release of his first single “No love for the police”featuring  battle rap heavy weight Loaded LUX people are gravitating towards his style of music. 


Focused on a busy year Quebutter will be releasing several singles which include features Math Hoffa, Lil Fame of MOP, Hakim Green of Channel Live, Shabam Sadeeq and Steel of Smith and Wesson. If your looking for an artist who promising to deliver a real message in his music mixed with up to the time beats, check out Que Butter!

Que Butter Music

Que Butter Music

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