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Live Musicis


"Don’t ever let em doubt you. Even if they got the fame don’t ever let them clout you."

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Brooklyn (Brownsville) native Live Musicis, born November 24th, 1988 made his start as an artist at the age of 22. Although his love for music started long before that with influences like Dana Dane, Nas, The Lox, Fabolous, Cassidy, Jay Z, Masta Ace also artist like Donell Jones, Boyz II Men, John B, Craig David, Tyrese. This made his potential even greater. The passion for the music came from his late mother Cassiane Conty who drove his creative side to push his skill and from his only son Jessiah Conty the motivation behind the music. He took his his talent as far as Canada the west coast (Phoenix,Dallas,Houston)  South (Atlanta, Miami)even the Virgin this upcoming year he is looking to take the music world by storm with his New Project entitled “Solid” set to drop late December early January 

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