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DOT the Hitman


"Failure's not an option I read the 48 Laws, Hate on me for what? Like you ain't have the same 24"

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Introducing DOT: A Music Maven, Activist, and Educational Extraordinaire!


Hailing from the vibrant streets of Harlem NY, DOT’s destiny was always intertwined with the limelight. Even at the tender age of nine, his passion for music and remarkable knack for crafting lyrical masterpieces became evident. The resounding support and overwhelming response from his community solidified his belief: he was born to rap. Having multiple run-ins with the law growing up, he never gave up on his vision. Music was his destiny. However, it was a serendipitous encounter with the legendary Que Butter of XyayX Studios, courtesy of a mutual friend, that truly transformed his artistic journey, and ultimately his life.


In this harmonious union, DOT discovered the missing piece of the puzzle - the sound. XyayX, a sanctuary for those concerned about the plight of the Black community, embraced DOT as family. Here, his dreams started to flourish and soar to unprecedented heights. Under Que's expert tutelage, DOT embarked on an audio engineering apprenticeship, evolving into not just a mentee but a cherished partner in their recording studio enterprise. The culmination of this collaboration allowed DOT to finally capture and mix his music exactly as he envisioned. And also noteworthy of mentioning, it was almost as if the connection was destined, as both DOT and Que shared a deep concern for the Black community, leading them to establish the XyayX Institute, an African-centered nonprofit homeschooling program focused on STEM and social justice.


Now, back in the spotlight as a recording artist under the umbrella of the indie powerhouse, XyayX Music Group, DOT showcases his remarkable talents and years of songwriting expertise. Inspired by iconic figures like Tupac Shakur, Jay Z, Eminem, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, he has carved his own unique musical identity. DOT’s artistry mirrors his passionate, pro-Black upbringing, exuding the pain of the past while illuminating a beacon of hope for the future. Aptly dubbed a "lyrical ladies man," his alter ego, Mr. Seduction, has captivated a legion of female fans, who adore his charismatic charm.


DOT’s music is an enchanting tapestry of versatility, seamlessly transitioning from fluently sharp, witty wordplay to mesmerizing melodic chants and cadences. When these two styles converge, extraordinary magic unfolds, showcased through his infectious hooks and chameleon-like ability to adapt to any flow. As a visionary and inspirational songwriter, DOT is poised to redefine the present musical landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of listeners everywhere. And as an activist and educator, DOT leads by example, paying forward and sharing his wisdom and insights as a science and social justice teacher at the esteemed XyayX Institute.


Get ready, for DOT’s captivating journey has only just begun. Expect to witness and experience an even more extraordinary musical odyssey from this multitalented artist. Stay tuned for the future, as DOT’s voice echoes with a passion and purpose to teach, inspire, and empower us all.

DOTs Music

DOTs Music

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